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Alva Labs software helps you gather and create actionable insights from your organisation.

You are in good company

Alva Labs is the first partner we’ve met and worked with who truly understands what we want to accomplish with our talent management process.
Kristina - Setterwalls Kristina Jakobsson - Head of HR, Setterwalls Advokatbyrå

Our products


Team Insights

What if you could predict who would complement a team the best? If you could know why some people perform better than others? Through Team Insights you get answers to these questions and many more.

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Performance Development

A research-backed and forward looking performance review tool that focus on employee development. With a leaner approach you finally will get performance reviews right and in a format that your employees like.

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Assessment Tests

The Assessment Tests suite capture a variety of personality data relevant for your business, regardless if you assess employees, teams or are assessing candidates in your recruitment process. All Alva’s assessment tests are built in-house by Alva’s psychology team with assistance from industry leading test creators.

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