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With Alva Labs, you can make data-driven hiring decisions thanks to our evidence-based candidate selection platform.

Imagine your ideal hiring process

Quickly and objectively evaluate large groups of applicants. Identify candidates with the best fit and spend more time interviewing them. Save time and effort with an automated workflow. Find the perfect candidate for every single opening.

Too good to be true? This ideal scenario is now possible with Alva Labs.

How can Alva Labs improve your hiring process?

Assess candidates objectively

Our evidence-based tests help eliminate unconscious bias and increase hiring precision.

Save time and effort

Tests are automated and can be implemented in a few clicks, helping you pinpoint the best talent in a large pool of applicants.

Optimized for candidates

The carefully designed UX ensures candidate experience is simple, seamless, and positive.

Clear and actionable results

Our comprehensive test results are displayed in visual graphs that are easy to interpret and utilize.


Learn how Alva Labs work

Here’s a quick demonstration on how our key features can improve your hiring process.


Hear what our customers say

“Together with Alva Labs, we’ve created a more efficient and candidate focused recruitment process supporting our growth.”

- Caroline Winther, HR Business Partner, Cint

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