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How to align your TA goals with the hiring manager's expectations

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About the webinar

Every TA manager’s nightmare begins like this: You write a job ad. Go through the screening process. Source, and pick a handful of candidates. Send them to the Hiring Manager to assess. Only to discover that the hiring team isn’t aligned on who to hire. You are back to square one, having wasted precious time and money.

In a fast-changing job market, alignment and collaboration are crucial to running an efficient, scalable hiring process- one that ultimately leads to making the right hire.

In this webinar, we dive into the tactics of fostering a powerful collaboration between the TA function and Hiring Managers. 

Learn how to:
✅ Conduct a thorough job analysis with the Hiring Manager
✅ Map out the end-to-end hiring process 
✅ Make early funnel decisions
✅ Assess for readiness with the right candidate evaluation methods

*This webinar will be held in English🇬🇧


Julia Stenberg

Julia Karimson Stenberg

Head of Talent Acquisition, NOBA Bank Group
Julia Karimson Stenberg is the Head of Talent Acquisition at Noba Bank Group, a financial pioneer in the bank sector. Noba has enjoyed rocket-like growth in Scandinavia, and Julia’s played a key role in growing the company’s talent acquisition function, directly contributing to growing Noba’s workforce to over 700 employees since she arrived in 2019. Julia is no stranger to bottlenecks that can arise from managing a high-growth organisation, and will share her personal experience of how she managed to bridge the TA-Hiring Manager gap successfully.

Linnea Bywall-2

Linnea Bywall

Head of People, Alva Labs
As the Head of People at Alva Labs, Linnea spends most of her time attracting, hiring, onboarding, and growing Alva’s workforce. Linnea is also the host of the How We Hire podcast and newsletter and regularly speaks at public speaking events, HR podcasts, and webinars about how to build a fair, objective hiring process and hire great people.