The Science behind Alva

Results you can trust, grounded in science

Enhance your hiring process with assessments created by our team of psychometricians, data scientists, and talent acquisition experts. By combining the latest in psychometric theories with cutting-edge data science, Alva’s research-backed tools maximise predictive accuracy and make candidate evaluation seamless, so you can secure the best talent.


DNV Certified

Independently certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), a global leader in third-party validation. This ensures that our Logic Test meets the highest standards for validity.

Calibrated for Accuracy

Our assessments utilise Item Response Theory and the Five-Factor Model to deliver assessments you can rely on for precise, worry-free insights.

Reduce Bias Effectively

Our evidence-based tools ensure both objective evaluations and a seamless candidate experience.

The Science behind Alva


The power of the Five-Factor Model

Unlock the potential of the Five-Factor Model of personality, a scientifically proven framework that uncovers the essential traits that shape how people think and act.

Alva’s Personality Test is anchored in this trusted model, expertly built to predict a candidate's success in a diverse range of job roles. 


Item-Response Theory

Alva's psychometric assessments are founded on Item Response Theory (IRT), which is the modern, more advanced alternative to Classical Test Theory and is known for its precision and efficiency. Alva goes beyond by using advanced IRT models, backed by Bayesian statistics and advanced machine learning, which ensures ongoing enhancement and unmatched measurement accuracy.

Take advantage of IRT's benefits such as adaptive testing, item banking, and increased precision with fewer questions, to gain insights into personality dimensions and traits.


Structured Interviews

Give your hiring process a boost with Alva’s structured interviews, crafted to ensure the highest accuracy in predictions while reducing bias.

Alva provides a collection of standard questions and criteria based on the Situation-Behavior-Result format, giving you the tools to conduct interviews that reliably assess candidates on skills and experiences vital to the job. Plus, Alva’s rating anchors help hiring teams agree on what makes an answer sufficient, unsatisfactory, or exceptional, keeping the selection process fair and focused.

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