Hire the best people for today— and tomorrow

Over the next few years, 25% of all current roles will disappear. Over 50% will require completely new skill sets. As the pace of change continues to accelerate, companies that continue to hire based on what worked yesterday risk facing a severe competency gap within their organisations.

Overcome your competency gap by implementing a new hiring framework

Partnering with some of the most progressive companies in the Nordics, we have seen that the winning hiring strategy for tomorrow has three dimensions. When combining all three, they form a hiring success framework that will set you up for success both today and tomorrow.

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1. Maximise Accuracy

They have the toolkit and digital capabilities to assess, measure, and test for both Potential and Readiness. A toolkit that can accurately and consistently deliver the best hiring results.

2. Candidate First

Companies that put their candidate first and can deliver an extraordinary candidate experience, are also the ones who will be able to sign the best talent. The process needs to be transparent, professional, enjoyable.

3. Process Efficiency

By automating tasks, integrating tools & making it easy for managers to “do it right”, talent acquisition teams can spend their time working strategically with their hiring managers and building a best-in-class hiring process that the entire company can adopt.

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To stay competitive, companies today must look at both readiness and future potential in all hires. Your assessment process need a toolkit to assess both hard skills & experience (Readiness), as well as the underlying soft skills, personality traits & motivation (Potential).

Being able to identify both in your hiring process is fundamental to build a future-proof workforce, and a cornerstone in how we have built the Alva candidate assessment platform.

1. Maximise the accuracy of your hiring decisions

Exceptional data quality

Our psychometric tests are built using Item-Response Theory and advanced machine learning. The outcome are tests that not only achieve higher validity & reliability than traditional tests, but also allows us to build truly adaptive tests that greatly improve the candidate experience.

Use test results for internal hires

Thanks to our unique setup where we build role specific reports based on one central test, candidates can re-share their test results in multiple processes. This also means that you have the data on all future employees for internal mobility & leadership development.

Complete assessment suite for all roles

Making data-driven decisions has never been easier. With our extensive assessment suite covering coding tests, psychometric tests, structured interview templates, and leadership report, we help you reduce friction by keeping the entire assessment process within one platform.

2. Create a great candidate experience that keeps top talent engaged

Extraordinary talent is always in high demand. Engaging your top candidates depends on delivering a candidate experience that is transparent, professional and enjoyable. Alva’s tests are easy to administer, quick-to complete, and loved by candidates.


— I've had to take tests like these in the past when applying to other companies. However this is by far, the best experience I've had and I seriously hope more companies adopt this! I love the way the timer was incorporated in the Logic test.


Adaptive tests that work anywhere, anytime

Applying for jobs should be easy. Whether on mobile or desktop, candidates can take the adaptive tests anywhere in under 15 minutes, with the option to pause questions and continue later.

Candidates own their results

Once completed, candidates instantly get their test results packaged in a report. Since candidates own the data, they can reshare their results as many times as they want, across multiple recruitment processes. 

Live support chat

Taking tests shouldn't be stressful. We offer in-app support chat for candidates and recruiters, helping resolve issues in real-time. The result? A 90% test completion rate and 98% satisfaction rate with our support team.

3. Align your organisation with an efficient & easy process

By automating tasks, integrating your hiring tech stack & making it easy for managers to “do it right”, you can spend your time where it matters. Decrease time to hire, and increase hiring manager engagement.


We reduced the lead time in hiring from 2 months to 23-25 days which is amazing. The candidate experience has improved, we have a better hiring quality, we have a huge engagement from the hiring managers that we couldn't see before.

Mats Johansson, TA Manager, Koenigsegg


Easy interpretation of test results

Thanks to our automated ranking of candidates, you don’t have to spend any more time debating on which candidate to move forward with. You will know instantly which candidate is the one, thanks to our single scoring system with detailed result analysis.

No certification needed

We have cut the psychologist jargon from our test reports so anyone can understand it. With Alva, your TA Managers and recruiters won’t need any expensive and time-consuming certifications to get started. 
no certification

Quick adoption across your entire organisation

Worried about rolling out Alva in your organisation? Don’t be, our best-in-class CS team, made up of senior recruiters and licensed psychologists, offer expert training and support, helping you build a modern, scalable hiring process. 

Start hiring for today and tomorrow

Let us show you how Alva can support you in building a workforce that will have an impact on your company today, and adapt for tomorrow. 

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Candidates assessed

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Hires made using Alva

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Trusted by industry leaders across the globe

Our Customer Success team comprised of licensed psychologists and seasoned recruiters will make implementing & rolling out Alva across your organisation a smooth experience.

Built for Enterprise

DNV certified. ISO-27001 certified and strict GDPR compliance. Our experienced security & legal team will facilitate an easy procurement process to get you up and running as smooth as possible.

Integrated with your ATS

Alva integrates with major Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) on the market, removing admin work from the equation. Automate candidate invitations and screenings, view candidate scores directly in your ATS, and streamline your hiring.