Coding tests

Hire top developers using best-in-class coding tests

Identify the best developers by assessing them with real-world coding tests created by experts from Stripe, Spotify, and other top companies. 

Key Advantages of Alva’s Coding Tests

Assess real-world skills, not hypotheticals

Put candidate experience first with tests created by engineers, for engineers. Alva coding tests are designed by experts from leading tech companies like Spotify and Stripe, and mirror problems developers face in their day-to-day work.
Coding tests

Support for any language and tech stack

We'll make sure you can effectively evaluate candidates no matter your programming language or tech stack. Can't find what you need? We'll provide a personalised coding test tailored to your situation.

Easily review candidates' engineering competence

Our detailed scorecards give you all the answers you need to evaluate a candidate’s engineering skills. You’ll receive an automated score and a code review scorecard revealing their understanding within the target competence.

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Trusted by industry leaders across the globe

We're proud to work with some of the most progressive & innovative industry leaders across the globe. 

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Overcome the competency gap

Over the next few years, 25% of all current roles will disappear. Over 50% will require completely new skill sets. 

To stay competitive, companies need to rethink their recruitment process. You need a toolkit to assess both hard skills & experience (Readiness), as well as the underlying soft skills, personality traits & motivation (Potential). This is fundamental to overcome the growing competency gap, and a cornerstone in how we build the Alva platform.