Volume Hiring

Make Accurate Hiring Decisions, No Matter the Volume

Talent Acquisition professionals often aim for high candidate volume, but that can mean sifting through countless CVs, making quality assessments a challenge. Alva’s powerful tools cut through the noise, streamlining the process and efficiently pinpointing high-potential candidates.


Optimise Quality Among Quantity

It's tough to identify true quality in a sea of applications. With Alva, you can employ assessments like Logic and Personality tests, Coding Tests, and Interview Templates to focus in on candidates’ true potential and fit for the role.


Accelerate Processes and Conserve Resources

Volume hiring can be resource-draining. Alva streamlines the recruitment journey, enabling Talent Acquisition teams to efficiently narrow down candidate shortlists so they can spend more time on high quality candidates.


Elevate the Candidate Experience

Keep candidates engaged and informed with immediate feedback and transparent results. Alva's objective screening methods provide a positive experience while working to reduce bias, which can inadvertently creep into high-volume recruitment processes.

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Mastering High-Volume Recruitment: Daniel Wellington’s Journey with Alva

It’s not unusual for Daniel Wellington to attract upwards of 300 applicants per position. But with this influx comes the challenge of sifting through hundreds of applications. Identifying the candidate who has a perfect fit for the role is tricky. That’s where we come in. Discover how Alva supports Daniel Wellington and their team with not only streamlining the process, but also creating a seamless experience for both candidates and hiring managers.
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Every team is unique with distinct challenges in their hiring process. But when we talk to our customers, reducing time spent on admin tasks and processes that doesn't add value is almost always a priority. Ever since we started building our assessment platform in 2017, ease of use and automation of tasks have been a top priority.

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