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Created by our team of psychometricians, data scientists, and talent acquisition experts, Alva's psychometric tests combine leading science in psychological measurements with advanced machine learning. Together, they form a platform for candidate assessment that makes hiring better for everyone.

Our story

We’re here to help you hire potential

We are working with people. And to evaluate a human being is hard. A candidate is so much more than just their CV, LinkedIn page or university degree, yet that is what most traditional screening methods focus on. We want to help you look beyond that – to look for potential in people. Talent Acquisition Specialists and recruiters are clear on the problem: They spend too much time in the screening process reading hundreds of CVs, without being certain of what actually predicts if a candidate will be successful or not. 

By combining decades of research within organizational psychology with Modern Test Theory and Machine Learning, Alva’s platform can help you make better hiring decisions. A more fast, easy and accurate way to hire the right person for the right job. There’s so much potential among your candidates. So start looking for it.


Our psychology experts discuss the science behind Alva

Wise words

Kajsa Asplund

Lead People Science at Alva

Science is clear. Organizations with a data-driven mindset are able to streamline their hiring even more and create a better candidate experience. The biggest risk for bias is at the start of the recruiting process, why evidence-based methods have the largest impact right here.

Traditionally, there has been a large gap between science and hiring as we know it. Today, a lot more companies are realizing what great benefits science can bring to their recruitment processes. Basing your hiring decisions on data rather than on personal opinions means recruiting with higher diversity and better accuracy. A high-quality, science-based candidate screening allows recruiting managers to pinpoint relevant talent faster and save time in the whole recruitment process.

With automated methods and data-driven insights, we can remove all the unnecessary information and administrative steps in candidate evaluation. Instead, the recruiter can focus on the parts where their judgment and expertise provide the biggest value: improving the candidate experience as well as the overall recruiting process. Companies at the forefront of talent acquisition also know to continuously evaluate themselves and their work – a data-driven approach to the talent acquisition work in itself.

Wise words

Morgan Pihl

Lead Psychometrician at Alva

There’s a whole new world of statistical tools out there. The problem is, no one uses it. Our industry is stuck in outdated methods, unaware of what we can do with Modern Test Theory. Combined with best practices from machine learning and data science – it allows for more accurate results and less candidate effort.

Modern Test Theory is a recognized and accepted framework for psychometric testing that’s been around since the ‘80s. However, it’s still new to many psychometricians out there. The status quo around classical test theory in the industry is high – and that is something we at Alva want to challenge. To be at the forefront of test development today, you need to understand data science and statistics – and make good use of it.

The statistical models from Modern Test Theory are not different from many other models within machine learning and data science. There is a lot of cutting-edge software and established best practices in these areas that we should use to build clever tests for recruitment processes. Using these tools, we can continuously monitor and develop the tests to increase the accuracy of the results even more, and continue to create an even better candidate experience. This way, we can maintain high-quality tests with more precise questions that adapt to the person taking them – to be able to assess their potential in the most efficient way.

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Career at Alva

High performers with big hearts

Our team is the most important factor in Alva’s success. That’s the insight we’ve built our whole company on, and that’s the problem we are trying to solve for all our customers. Hiring the right person for the right role – in order to create a competitive team at the forefront of our industry. Right now we are on an exciting growth journey, with plenty of room for more amazing people to join us.

At Alva, we are a diverse group of different personalities and backgrounds, all with the same core values. Founded in 2017, we have grown into a team of 75 people including psychologists, psychometricians, talent acquisition and testing experts – people who truly understand humans (and always want to learn more about them). We strive to keep on challenging and support each other in our journey together, and to have our customers’ and candidates’ best interests at heart, at all times. Here at Alva, we have high standards and high expectations for all the work we do – and a lot of fun doing it.