Widen the talent pool

Discover the hidden gems in your talent pool

Harness the power of evidence-based assessments early in the recruitment process to identify high-potential candidates from varied backgrounds. With Alva, achieve a balance of quality and diversity, spending less time per candidate while tapping into a broader talent spectrum.


Find Long-Term Potential Early On

Alva’s assessment suite – including our Logic, Personality, and Coding Tests – enable you to identify candidates with long-term potential beyond immediate proficiencies. This evidence-based approach ensures a more robust selection from the full candidate pool.


Foster A Diverse Talent Base

Break free from traditional experience-based assessments, and harness Alva’s tools to fish in a wider talent pool. By focusing on essential traits and soft skills, you can secure high-caliber talent from diverse backgrounds, irrespective of their industry.


Streamline Recruitment with Structured Efficiency

Implement Alva’s evidence-based results early in the recruitment process for an organized and efficient approach. Save time by focusing on high-potential candidates and foster quality TA-Hiring Manager alignment. Automation through ATS integration and immediate feedback for candidates ensure a seamless and candidate-friendly journey.

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FLIR & Alva: More Talent, Less Limits


Niche talent is hard to come by. Teledyne FLIR experienced this first hand, as they needed to find more talented Service Engineers with a very specific set of skills. Read FLIR’s full story to learn how they shifted from traditional hiring benchmarks to a more inclusive and expansive approach, uncovering hidden gems in the talent pool.

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Every team is unique with distinct challenges in their hiring process. But when we talk to our customers, reducing time spent on admin tasks and processes that doesn't add value is almost always a priority. Ever since we started building our assessment platform in 2017, ease of use and automation of tasks have been a top priority.

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