Logic test

The best predictor of future job performance

Alva's Logic Test combines Item Response Theory with adaptive testing to efficiently assess candidates' problem-solving capabilities— proven by science to best predict future job performance. Built with the candidate in mind to minimise test anxiety and deliver the best possible candidate experience.

Key Advantages of Alva’s Logic Test

Identify high-potential candidates for today and tomorrow’s roles

Make more confident hiring decisions by getting the best possible insights on your candidates’ logical ability and potential. Identify candidates who can navigate complex challenges, redefine their roles, and continuously adapt by acquiring new skills. Ensure your hires meet current demands and are equipped to evolve with the organisation’s future needs. 

A test experience that candidates genuinely appreciate

Reduce test anxiety with an adaptive test. The Alva Logic test can be paused and has a 2 minute timer for each question to avoid unnecessary stress. Built with Item Response Theory, the test adapts the questions to candidate’s level ensuring no one feels alienated. On average, the test takes on 15 minutes to complete.

Efficiency backed by the latest in psychometric research

Alva's Logic Test is built using Item Response Theory and Bayesian statistical methods. Our method eliminates the confusion often caused by norm groups in traditional assessments, providing a single, well-calibrated scale for all types of recruitment. This sophisticated scoring model tailors the test level to each candidate, ensuring an efficient and personalised assessment experience.

Certified by DNV for its quality and rigour

Certified by DNV, Alva's Logic Test sets the bar in quality assurance for General Mental Ability (GMA) assessments. This independent, third-party validation confirms our test's scientific rigour and practical utility, empowering you to make evidence-based selection decisions.

Use Alva's psychometric tests for

All job roles  •  Volume screening  •  Late stage selection  •  Internal hires  •  Leadership hires

Loved by candidates


81% of candidates state they are very satisfied with the Alva assessment experience.


Our tests have a +90% completion rate and candidates takes less than two days to complete them.


+19 increase in candidate NPS after implementing Alva

How it works

1. Choose test profile

1. Select test profile

Choose between research-based predefined test profiles or create your own custom profiles.

2. Invite candidates

2. Invite candidates

With our native integrations you can easily create triggers in your ATS for full automation, or use our public invitation page for easy invitation.

3 wait two days- logic test

3. Move to next stage

Our personality test takes 12-15 minutes to complete, with over 90% completion rate and an average of less than two days to complete. 

Results available instantly

As soon as the candidate have completed the test, they receive the full report - the same you as a recruiter can see. Enjoy a fast and transparent process.

Automatic ranking of your candidates

All candidates are ranked based on their Role fit, making it easy to quickly get an overview and select which candidate to move to the next stage.

Why market leaders are choosing Alva as their assessment platform


Deliver an excellent candidate experience

81% of all candidates say they are very satisfied with their Alva assessment experience, with our psychometric tests boasting a 91% completion rate and an average completion time of under 1.5 days.


Enable your hiring teams to move faster

Reduce time to hire by 60%, and make it easy for your entire organisation to adopt an evidence based hiring process. Deep integrations with your ATS makes it easy to automate test administration.


Maximise the accuracy of your hiring decisions

73% of our customers report a decrease in low performers among new hires with Alva. Leverage multiple assessments for the highest predictive accuracy in your hiring.

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Hire the best people for today and tomorrow

Over the next few years, 25% of all current roles will disappear. Over 50% will require completely new skill sets. 

To stay competitive, companies need to rethink their recruitment process. You need a toolkit to assess both hard skills & experience (Readiness), as well as the underlying soft skills, personality traits & motivation (Potential). This is fundamental to overcome the growing competency gap, and a cornerstone in how we build the Alva platform.