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Alva’s 15-minute online Logic Test evaluates candidates’ logical ability, proven by research to be one of the best predictors of job success.

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Certified by DNV, Alva's Logic Test sets the bar in quality assurance for General Mental Ability (GMA) assessments. This independent, third-party validation confirms our test's scientific rigour and practical utility, empowering you to make evidence-based selection decisions.


Results you can trust

Make more confident hiring decisions with objective assessment data, powered by the latest scientific research. Alva’s Logic Test is a state-of-the-art tool built on Modern Test Theory to give you the best possible insights on your candidates.


Designed for today's hiring challenges

Identify candidates who can adapt to new roles and changing circumstances, giving your organisation the flexibility to handle new challenges.


Loved by candidates

Allow candidates to show their abilities, in an environment that reduces test anxiety and provides fair and objective data. Our modern, professional design means you never have to compromise on candidate experience.

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