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When we speak to people within Talent Acquisition and Recruitment, the most common challenge we hear is that there are just too many manual tasks & steps to select candidates for an interview. Hour after hour spent on screening CVs, without really being certain what to look for in order to predict job success.

With the Alva platform, you can qualify candidates for an interview faster, easier, and with better accuracy. As a bonus, you also reduce bias and create a more inclusive hiring process.


  • Stellar candidate experience
    Reduce the time candidates need to spend, without compromising on data quality. After completing a test, candidates get instant access to their results.

  • Leading psychometrics
    Personality test and Logic test based on decades of research. Built with Modern Test Theory & Machine Learning for faster and more accurate tests.

  • Plug-and-play platform
    Easily integrated with your ATS, and completely accessible for anyone in your organization – no test certification needed.

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"Even if we all enter with good intentions, it is easy for us to unconsciously look for people like ourselves or the predecessor in the same position. Alva help us have a more objective and evidence-based selection process"

- Talent Acquisition Manager at Spendrups

"Screening CVs is very very hard. A big margin of error. Using Alva + key demand check as screening helps us increase quality in first interview (extreme increase) and let us spend time on the candidates with the highest quality”

- Global Head of Talent Acquisition, E-commerce company

Education and years of experience just aren't good at predicting if a candidate will succeed on the job or not. Decades of science & research is clear on that. With the Alva platform, you can instead assess your candidates based on what is known by science to have the strongest correlation with job success - logical ability and personality (using the Five factor model).

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