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With Alva's efficient assessments, you can automate and streamline your hiring process, ensuring you don’t lose top talent in a competitive market. Maintain high quality standards while your Talent Acquisition teams reduce time-to-hire.


A More Efficient Way to Hire

Focus on only the most essential steps in the hiring process and get a comprehensive understanding of candidates through Alva’s evidence-based assessments. Eliminate unnecessary friction, ensuring maximum output while adhering to the best recruitment practices.


Easy-To-Interpret Results

With Alva, candidates receive automated feedback, while hiring managers get clear insights with a percentage match for role-fit. This transparent and instantaneous sharing of results empowers teams to make faster and more informed hiring decisions.


Seamless Integration With Your ATS

Alva's smooth integration with major ATS platforms enables automated triggers for candidates meeting criteria, eliminating manual work and keeping the process within your core hiring tool. The time saved lets Talent Acquisition teams focus on strategic endeavors.

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How Koenigsegg reduced their time to hire by 60%

With its global reputation for automobile excellence, it's no surprise that Koenigsegg attracts a large volume of qualified candidates. This is the story of how Alva Labs and Jobylon helped optimise Koenigsegg's talent pipeline, guiding them to enhance their candidate experience and improve the experience for hiring managers. 
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Every team is unique with distinct challenges in their hiring process. But when we talk to our customers, reducing time spent on admin tasks and processes that doesn't add value is almost always a priority. Ever since we started building our assessment platform in 2017, ease of use and automation of tasks have been a top priority.

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