How many hires do you do per year?

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(Pay As You Go)

For limited hiring needs

If you have occasional hiring needs, or want to try Alva on a smaller team, you can choose to pay for each job position. Please note that ATS integrations are not supported on the Pay As You Go plan.

Cost per job position: €390 / $390 / £325 / SEK 3900 / NOK 3900

Understanding our pricing

How is the price calculated?

Our price model is based on the number of job positions created in a year.

We encourage our customers to use our assessments as early as possible in the hiring process to increase accuracy and diversity. That's why we don't charge per assessed candidate, but instead per job position created in the Alva platform.

You can use these job positions whenever you want throughout your annual contract.

The price is calculated from a base fee (5 job positions on Grow plan, and 30 job positions on Scale plan) and an additional unit cost per each added job position.


How are hires and job positions defined?

We measure hires through job positions. These are defined as any role created in the Alva platform with at least one candidate invited for assessment.

A job position is active for 3 months after the first candidate is added. If you need to invite more candidates after those 3 months, it's considered a new job position.

You can use your job positions in your contract freely throughout the year, depending on your seasonal hiring needs.

What if I exceed the job positions in my contract?

We understand that you might have unexpected changes in your hiring needs during a year. If you ever need to exceed the number of job positions in your contract, you can add extra positions for a transactional fee (€390).

You can always reach out to our customer success team to upgrade your contract.

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