Pricing plans

Pricing that ensures an objective process

Unlimited candidates

Creating an objective hiring process means using tests as early as possible. Pricing should never stop you from testing another 10, 100 – or 1000 – candidates. Our pricing plan is based on the number of hires per year - not the number of tests - so that you can use our tests on all your candidates.

Unlimited seats

All your hiring managers need to have access to the data if they are expected to make objective decisions. Our tests do not require expensive certification courses and there’s no additional cost for adding more users from your organization. With Alva, objective recruitment is available to your entire company.


1-40 hires

per year

  • Online support
  • E-learning and webinars

Starting from $300 per month


40–300 hires

per year

  • Managed onboarding process
  • Bespoke HR and manager trainings
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Access to on-demand Customer Support


+300 hires

per year

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager & Team
  • Training and rollouts across the entire organization
  • Bespoke strategic action plans with regular follow-ups

Always included

  • Easy integration with leading ATS solutions
  • Automatic candidate feedback after test completion
  • Adaptive Big Five Personality Test
  • Adaptive Logic test


Frequently asked questions

How does Alva work with my ATS?

Alva is seamlessly integrated with a number of different Applicant Tracking Systems. You can read more about how to set up your integration here. All you have to do is connect Alva’s platform, and then you can start sending out the tests directly from your ATS.

What is Modern Test Theory?

Item Response Theory (also known as Modern Test theory) calculates the statistical relationship between latent traits and item responses. You can read more about it here.

How fast can I get started screening candidates?

You can start screening candidates in a matter of minutes. Watch our onboarding video here, and get started with setting up a job position, choosing a test profile and then sending out the tests to start the screening process.

How do you handle the candidate data?

When a candidate takes Alva’s test, all their data belongs to them. Read all about how we handle candidate data here.

Do I need to take a course or have a certification to use Alva's platform?

No, you don’t need any sort of course certification to use Alva’s platform. The information we provide is easily understandable and no certification is required to interpret tests.

Customer success story

How Alva helped SEB changed their recruitment process