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Frequently asked questions

How is the price calculated?

Our price model is based on the number of job positions created in a year.

We encourage our customers to use our assessments as early as possible in the hiring process to increase accuracy and diversity. That's why we don't charge per assessed candidate, but instead per job position created in the Alva platform.

You can use these job positions whenever you want throughout your annual contract.

The price is calculated from a base fee (5 job positions on Grow plan, and 30 job positions on Scale plan) and an additional unit cost per each added job position.


How are job positions defined?

We define a job position as any role created in the Alva platform with at least one candidate invited for assessment.

A job position is active for 3 months after the first candidate is added. If you need to invite more candidates after those 3 months, it's considered a new job position.

You can use your job positions in your contract freely throughout the year, depending on your seasonal hiring needs.

What if I exceed the job positions in my contract?

We understand that you might have unexpected changes in your hiring needs during a year. If you ever need to exceed the number of job positions in your contract, you can add extra positions for a transactional fee (€370 on Grow plan and €320 on Scale plan).

You can always reach out to our customer success team to upgrade your contract.

Do I need to take a course or have a certification to use Alva's platform?

No, you don’t need any sort of course certification to use Alva’s platform. The information we provide is easily understandable and no certification is required to interpret tests.

How does Alva work with my ATS?

Alva is seamlessly integrated with a number of different Applicant Tracking Systems. You can read more about how to set up your integration here. All you have to do is connect Alva’s platform, and then you can start sending out the tests directly from your ATS.

How do you handle the candidate data?

When a candidate takes Alva’s test, all their data belongs to them. Read all about how we handle candidate data here.


What our customers say

Our selection process is now based on something quantifiable and the people we are meeting for first interviews have a higher general level of quality, and are a better match with our job criteria and organization.

Per Tjernberg Talent Acquisition Manager, Knightec

Our Stockholm office was onboarded within a few days. Because the platform is intuitive, we didn’t need to conduct complicated training. We can now objectively and accurately measure the potential of candidates and there has been a noticeable jump in the quality of candidates we’re interviewing.

Per Thunberg Head of Talent Acquisition, Zound Industries

After we started working with Alva, we had to change our recruitment process drastically. It was a whole different experience for us, but we feel much more secure that the compatibility is higher and more evidence-based.

Sam Joukhadar Head of Talent, SEB

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Customer success story

How Alva helped SEB changed their recruitment process