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Don’t fall behind in a competitive talent landscape. Alva’s candidate assessment platform combines advanced technology with a modern candidate experience, helping hiring teams to quickly & accurately hire people who can excel today, and adapt to future challenges. 


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A candidate assessment platform for your entire hiring process


Personality Test

Rooted in the Five-Factor model and powered by Item Response Theory, Alva’s adaptive Personality Test delivers comprehensive insights for both talent teams and candidates – in just 15 minutes, all packed in a transparent report.

Logic Test

A candidate’s ability to solve unknown problems one of the strongest predictors of job success. Alva’s Logic Test is built using Item-Response Theory, creating a test that adapts to the candidate’s responses and efficiently captures this critical data point in only 15 minutes.

Leadership Report

The Alva Leadership Report dives deep into the essential traits of successful leadership. This tool provides insights for assessing future managers and planning internal mobility strategies — all without the need for additional assessments, as our report leverages existing data from our comprehensive personality test. 

Coding Tests

Discover top developer talent with our broad library of technical assessments designed by leading engineers. With support for any language or tech stack, our coding tests are an effective and candidate-friendly measure of coding skills that mimic real-world challenges. Automated scoring and detailed reviews provide talent teams with the insights needed to make streamlined and data-driven decisions. 

Interview Templates

Alva’s Interview Templates make it simple for anyone in your organisation to conduct a structured interview, whether a recruiter or hiring manager. Keep the process aligned and objective with our research-backed interview criteria and scorecards. 

Advantages of the Alva candidate assessment platform

Adaptive tests that work anywhere, anytime

Applying for jobs should be easy. Whether on mobile or desktop, candidates can take the adaptive tests anywhere in under 15 minutes, with the option to pause questions and continue later.

Test once and let the candidate re-share results

Alva’s tests are designed to allow the use of the same test data across all roles. Combined with a best practice GDPR setup, where candidates own their test results, they can re-share their test results for multiple jobs and companies.

Easy interpretation of test results

With automated ranking of candidates you will know instantly which candidates have the highest role fit, thanks to our single scoring system with detailed result analysis.

Exceptional data quality

Our psychometric tests are built using Item-Response Theory and advanced machine learning. The outcome are tests that not only achieve higher validity & reliability than traditional tests, but also allows us to build truly adaptive tests that greatly improve the candidate experience.

No certification needed

We have cut the psychologist jargon from our test reports so anyone can understand it. With Alva, your TA Managers and recruiters won’t need any expensive and time-consuming certifications to get started. 

Loved by candidates


81% of candidates state they are very satisfied with the Alva assessment experience.


Our tests have a +90% completion rate and candidates takes less than two days to complete them.


+19 increase in candidate NPS after implementing Alva

Ready for Enterprise

Built for Enterprise

Certified by DNV. ISO-27001 certified and strict GDPR compliance. Our experienced security & legal team will facilitate an easy procurement process to get you up and running as smooth as possible.

Integrated with your ATS

Alva integrates with major Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) on the market, removing admin work from the equation. Automate candidate invitations and screenings, view candidate scores directly in your ATS, and streamline your hiring.

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