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  • Provide a superior candidate experience
    Reduce candidate drop-offs with quick and efficient assessments. Applicants get instant access to their results and have full ownership over their data.

  • Spend time where it matters
    Alva integrates right away with your preferred Applicant Tracking System and can be accessed by anyone in the organisation – no certification needed.

  • Reduce unconscious bias
    Alva's Big Five personality & logic reasoning assessments are diverse by design, helping you to spot the true impact makers in your talent pool.

  • Make candidate decisions based on data
    Automatically filter candidates based on role fit, and compare your top candidates in a single view to shortlist them for the interview.

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Listen to the Alva community

We use Alva in all of our recruitments, and it's made such a difference. Today, so many more 'wild cards' get a chance in our processes, and many more junior candidates as well. In some of our recruitments, I never would have managed without Alva. It's been absolutely vital to handle the screening without spending days and days

Jessica Svahnström Columbus

Our Stockholm office was onboarded within a few days. Because the platform is intuitive, we didn’t need to conduct complicated training. We can now objectively and accurately measure the potential of candidates and there has been a noticeable jump in the quality of candidates we’re interviewing.

Per Thunberg Head of Talent Acquisition, Zound Industries

We used to have a logic test that was really hard to administer - it was a late step in the process and often we needed to oversee the candidates doing it in an online interview. This was the direct push for us to look into a new system

TA Partner, Anyfin

Our selection process is now based on something quantifiable and the people we are meeting for first interviews have a higher general level of quality, and are a better match with our job criteria and organization.

Per Tjernberg Talent Acquisition Manager, Knightec

Alva Labs has made hiring easier for us in multiple ways! We have good confidence that the whole product is based on evidence. The mechanic weighting of all the data and the setup with test profiles is brilliant. It makes the decision about what candidates to move forward within the process a lot easier.

Marie Larsson Production Administrator, Arla

After we started working with Alva, we had to change our recruitment process drastically. It was a whole different experience for us, but we feel much more secure that the compatibility is higher and more evidence-based.

Sam Joukhadar Head of Talent, SEB

Ellen actually looked into her time spent and by using Alva for all of these roles she's saved literally 1.5 days a WEEK in recruitment time during her busiest weeks. She's also been able to interview and move forward with quite a few candidates she said would probably never have gotten through screening before


Define job requirements and see how your candidates fit

As a recruiter, you want to spend your time where it matters: in interviews with your candidates, not wasting hours reading CVs. With Alva's candidate assessments, you can quickly obtain a complete overview of role fit and seamlessly move shortlisted applicants to the interview stage.


Invite your candidates

Spend time where it matters. Automate the rest. With Alva, the assessment process is easy to manage and requires minimal legwork. Work with triggers in your preferred ATS or automatically send out an invite link to candidates. When a candidate completes the assessments, they get their results instantly. No more manual feedback reports needed.

Logic test

General Mental Ability, or Logical Ability, is proven to be one of the best predictors of job success. Built using Modern Test Theory, our adaptive logic assessment is completed in around 15 minutes. Tasks are challenging – but not impossible – for everyone taking the assessment.

Personality test

The Big Five personality model is considered the gold standard for measuring personality. With a unique combination of well-established theory and machine learning capabilities, our adaptive personality assessment improves the accuracy of results, while keeping the number of questions to a minimum. The assessment usually takes 12-15 minutes to complete.


Compare your candidates

As soon as results start coming in, you will learn more about your candidates and can compare them to each other and your team for role fit. The reports are inclusive by design and are easy to understand by everyone – no certification or previous experience with psychometric assessments is needed.

Unique candidate overview

Based on the profile you select, you can see which particular candidates fit best with your requirements. Easily sort through your list, compare each person's score, and get a detailed overview of all your applicants.

Get to know each candidate

Access individual reports to learn more about each candidate's abilities.  The report you see is the same one the candidate receives, ensuring transparency and trust is safeguarded.

Shortlist candidates

Once you start figuring out what candidates you would like to move forward with, you can add them to your shortlist. After shortlisting, you can compare candidates to see where they are similar, and in what areas they differ from each other.

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Connect Alva to your existing workflows

Alva is integrated with some of the most common recruitment solutions on the market, making it a great addition to your current tools. Automate your candidate invitations and see the match score directly in your ATS account. Easy set-up and automated processes to reduce administrative tasks in the hiring process.

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