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Emelie Aronsson on: How to create value through a top-class candidate experience

  • 40 minutes
  • Candidate Experience, Talent Acquisition
  • Ep 35

The candidate experience is so much more than a candidate filling out a job application and going through the hiring steps. It's a psychological contract between the recruiter and the applicant, an exchange, a human interaction. But as employers, we too often forget this when we have our own checklists and evaluation criteria to run. How can you strike the balance between personalisation and structure? 

In this episode of How We Hire, our guest, Emelie Aronnson, an experienced recruiter in the financial services space, shares her journey and insights on the importance of mindset, authenticity, and communication in achieving success in recruiting and connecting with candidates. 

Key takeaways

  • - Why cultural fit doesn't necessarily mean the right fit
  • - How to make candidates feel at ease during the interview process
  • - Why transparent communication is everything
  • - How to strike the balance between having structure in your hiring process and adapting to individual needs 


On the show

emelie aronsson
Emelie Aronsson Senior Recruitment Business Partner at Nexi Group
Linnea Bywall
Linnea Bywall Head of People & Operations at Alva Labs

Emelie Aronsson

Emelie Aronsson is a senior recruiter with broad experience in various roles and industries. Her knowledge includes different recruitment strategies and tools, as she's worked both in-house at agencies nationally and internationally. Emelie believes our most valuable contribution happens when we can be ourselves and our uniqueness is celebrated, ‌which starts already in the recruitment process. Her passion for people in psychology motivates her to contribute to a fair and respectful assessment that supports diversity. 

Linnea Bywall

Linnea Bywall is a former NCAA athlete turned licensed psychologist – and Head of People at Alva Labs. Linnea was recently listed as one of the most inspiring women in tech by TechRound and was featured as one of the 22 Innovative HR Leaders to follow in 2022 by AIHR Academy to Innovate HR. 

From attracting and hiring to onboarding and growing Alva's employees, Linnea's main mission is to change the world of hiring every day by challenging biases in recruitment.

Show notes 

  • Introduction-1:26
  • Why cultural fit doesn't necessarily mean the right fit-16:01
  • How to ensure you're on an equal footing when interviewing candidates-19:49
  • The importance of asking whether your hiring step has value or not and not being afraid to remove a step-20:49
  • How to make candidates feel at ease during the interview process-22:27
  • Structure in your recruitment process doesn't mean being a robot-24:53
  • Why transparent communication is at the heart of the relationship between hiring manager and candidate-28:35
  • How do we strike the balance between having a structured recruitment process and adapting to individual needs and requirements-30:15
  • Why you should always assume good intent when evaluating candidates-35:52
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