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How to succed with digital onboarding of new hires

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About the webinar

Lots have changed over the past year, and many of the human centric areas of our work have moved into the digital sphere. One of those areas is the onboarding of new hires, which has proven challenging for many companies to manage.

There is a lot of research on what makes a successful onboarding - but how do you actually apply that in this new digital format? How do you make sure that new employees know what to do and who to turn to? How can you make new hires feel truly welcome when they’ve only met their colleagues over a screen?

This week we are joined by Alva’s own Head of People and Lic. Psychologist Linnea Bywall, who has faced her fair share of onboarding challenges while almost doubling the Alva team in size in 2021. Linnea will share all of her best practices and tips for managing onboarding - both in person and digitally.

We will talk about:

  • What does research say creates an effective onboarding
  • What are the biggest differences with this new digital onboarding format
  • How can you practically build a research based and digital onboarding

🇬🇧 This webinar will be held in English.


Tove Hernlund

Customer Success Manager