The Mentimeter formula: achieving hyper-growth through great company culture

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About the webinar

Company culture can mean all kinds of fluffy things - but for Mentimeter the cultural aspects are very clear cut and well defined. Everything they do ties back to their five core values (including employee performance!), and they value ownership and self leadership within the organization.

Highly praised for their innovative culture work, it’s safe to say that the HR team at Mentimeter consistently prioritizes culture as their foundation for the future. But how do you actually create an inspiring culture? How do you recruit based on it? How has Mentimeter kept their cultural integrity through rapid growth? And is it all positive, or can such a strong culture backlash and become alienating or limiting? 

In this webinar we are so pleased to be joined by Anna Gullstrand, VP People at Mentimeter. Anna will share how Mentimeter has devised their culture, how they continuously work with their core values, as well as share her best tips on how to create a culture that truly facilitates growth and connection.

We will talk about:

  • How Mentimeter has built their culture - and why
  • Practical tips on how to live your values in your daily work
  • Why “culture interviews” can be deceptively difficult

🇬🇧 This webinar will be held in English.



Tove Hernlund


Anna Gullstrand

VP People at Mentimeter