Northvolt: Facing the challenge of hiring 3000 new employees

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About the webinar

Imagine having to recruit 3000 new employees to a small town in the north of Sweden. Sounds like a far fetched brain teaser? Well, for the Talent Acquisition team at Northvolt - this is reality.

Sustainable battery manufacturer Northvolt is growing incredibly fast. They’ve gone from 12 to 1000+ employees in 4 years, and are expanding a lot further over the coming years. Their new location in Skellefteå is only one of several large scale manufacturing sites in progress, and this location alone will need about 3000 new employees by 2025.

Recruiting is always difficult, but when recruiting at this scale, everything is drawn to its edge.

How do you actually find this many new employees? What needs to be in place to ensure that people actually want to join you? What skill set do you look for in the selection? What process should you use to help you find the right hires? And when the new employees start, how do you make sure their onboarding goes well?

We’re so pleased to have Northvolt’s Talent Acquisition Director, Daniela Maniaci, joining us in this webinar to discuss the challenges her TA team as well as Northvolt's HR Team faces during their rapid growth, and share some of the solutions and best practices they have found along the way.

We will talk about:

  • The (not always obvious) challenges involved in this type of volume recruitment
  • How Northvolt has shaped their recruitment process and strategy and how they managed the switch to remote hiring
  • How to successfully onboard this many new employees

🇬🇧 This webinar will be held in English.



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Daniela Maniaci

Talent Acquisition Director at Northvolt