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For teams with big ambitions, every hire matters. Find the candidates that best match your job criteria, and quickly move shortlisted applicants to the interview stage with Alva's unbiased candidate assessments.




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Power to the candidate

Amid the Great Resignation and global hiring challenges, candidates now dictate the terms. We help you improve the candidate experience and reduce candidate drop-off rates during the hiring process.

  • Our assessments take only 20-25 minutes in total to complete, and work just as beautifully on mobile as on desktop.
  • With one click, candidates can share their existing results with you. 20% of candidates invited to take the Alva assessments have shared their results with at least two companies.

Love the fact that I can see my test results! Thank you guys for that! :) On the flip side, my partner is now jealous and wants to perform the test too. Keep up the good work!


Inclusive by design

Research show that diverse teams outperform homogenous teams. Still, women have to submit 30% more applications to get to an interview. People of colour? 50% more applications. We help companies remove bias and create a more inclusive recruitment process.

  • Remove CVs from your interview selection process.
  • Evaluate all candidates on the same objective parameters.

Spend time with candidates—not their CVs.

Spot candidates with the best role fit, and quickly move them to the interview stage. 

  • Easily identify who to invite for an interview based on our comprehensive Role Fit ranking.
  • Send automated invitations to your candidates. Integrate with your ATS for full workflow automation and reduce time spent on admin tasks.


She looked into her time spent and by using Alva for all of these roles she's saved literally 1,5 days a WEEK in recruitment time during her busiest weeks. She's also been able to interview and move forward with quite a few candidates she said would probably never have gotten through screening before. (Head of TA about their TA Manager)

Anonymous Head of Talent Acquisition

Confidence through evidence

At Alva, we believe in hiring decisions based on high quality data and scientific evidence, not gut instinct. That’s why we only focus on assessments that have a strong base in science. 

  • Built using Modern Test Theory, our adaptive assessments are more accurate and faster to complete.

How Alva works in 2 minutes


Stories from our customers

Alva Labs has made hiring easier for us in multiple ways! We have good confidence that the whole product is based on evidence. The mechanic weighting of all the data and the setup with test profiles is brilliant. It makes the decision about what candidates to move forward within the process a lot easier.

Marie Larsson Production Administrator, Arla

Our selection process is now based on something quantifiable and the people we are meeting for first interviews have a higher general level of quality, and are a better match with our job criteria and organization.

Per Tjernberg Talent Acquisition Manager, Knightec

Our Stockholm office was onboarded within a few days. Because the platform is intuitive, we didn’t need to conduct complicated training. We can now objectively and accurately measure the potential of candidates and there has been a noticeable jump in the quality of candidates we’re interviewing.

Per Thunberg Head of Talent Acquisition, Zound Industries

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