Why “we don’t have any candidates” is a bad excuse

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  • Duration: 45 mins
  • Location: Zoom
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About the webinar

Gone are the days where it was only engineers that we needed to fight for in talent acquisition - today a wide array of roles have a clear talent shortage.  

But when companies say "we don't have any candidates", is that actually true? Could it be dependent on what strategies, or lack of strategies, companies have when sourcing for talent in a scarce market?

During this webinar we will look closer into how you can think broader, newer, and more data driven when it comes to sourcing for those many hard to fill roles. 

We are so pleased to be joined by Per Tjernberg, Chief Innovation Officer at RecPro, for this webinar. Per will share all his best insights and tips on sourcing from his extensive career in talent acquisition.

We will discuss:

  • Why the talent shortage can't be solved with outdated approaches
  • How to innovate your search strategy
  • How we can utilize talent data in a better way

🇬🇧 This webinar will be held in English.



Tove Hernlund


Per Tjernberg

Chief Innovation Officer at RecPro