Is video the key to great HR communication?

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About the webinar

Whether it’s candidates or employees, communication is key to successful Human Resources and Talent Acquisition. But it’s not only what we communicate that matters - which methods we choose to communicate also has a significant impact on how well the information actually gets across.

With candidates, creating engaging communication that piques their interest is essential to draw them into applying for a job, and communication continues to play a huge role in maintaining a high candidate satisfaction throughout the recruitment process.

Internally, employees need to be informed and knowledgeable about everything from safety regulations to benefits. 

So how do we communicate in the best possible way? According to the research out there, video might be the key to success. 

We are so pleased to have Jonna Ekman, Marketing Director at Storykit, with us to talk about the value video based communication can bring to all aspects of HR/TA communication.

We will discuss:

  • What research says about the effectiveness of video communication
  • The value of adjusting the delivery of information to the audience at hand
  • Why video is one of the most inclusive and non-discriminatory ways to communicate

🇬🇧 This webinar will be held in English.



Tove Hernlund


Jonna Ekman

Marketing Director at Storykit