The do's and don'ts of employee onboarding

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  • Duration: 45 mins
  • Location: Zoom
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About the webinar

Getting new employees up to speed quickly should be on top of all companies agendas. From a business standpoint we are more often than not in quite dire need of a new employees' skills once they finally start with us. 

But how can you go about structuring a really great onboarding process? Do you really need all the newest tools, or is structure enough? And how much can and should you actually expect from a new employee?

We are so pleased to be joined by Stina Hauschildt, CEO of EasyHR for this webinar. Stina will share her best tips and tricks when it comes to pre-boarding, onboarding, and building a successful onboarding experience. 

We will talk about:
  • Why the pre- and onboarding phase is so critical for longterm success and retention
  • What new employees appreciate (and not) in an onboarding process
  • Practical tips on what you can do to improve your onboarding; regardless of where your starting point is
🇬🇧 This webinar will be held in English.
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Stina Hauschildt

CEO at EasyHR

Tove Hernlund

Moderator och Events & Community Manager på Alva Labs