How to support introverts in an extroverted world

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About the webinar

The world has, in many ways, been built for extroverts. In short, they tend to have a social advantage that enables their ideas and thoughts to be heard more than those who are more introverted. 
Unless organisations manage these differences, this can have a devastating impact on employee engagement. Worst case, we lose out on valuable feedback and ideas simply because we tend to listen to the most vocal person or even promote the wrong person. 
So how can leaders and colleagues give more introverted team members the space to share their ideas and leverage their insights? And how can more introverted individuals work toward feeling comfortable voicing their thoughts and delivering their ideas succinctly?
In this webinar, we are excited to be joined by Rebecca Leppard, public speaker expert and Founder of diversity training organisation Upgrading Women. Rebecca will share her best tips on how to clearly understand your employees' needs, and make everyone feel included in the workplace. 
We will talk about:
  • What introverted and extroverted means, and how it impacts how we work
  • Tips and tricks for what a more introverted person can do to boost their own ideas and be heard in their team
  • Concrete advice for how managers and team members can encourage and listen to more introverted colleagues
🇬🇧 This webinar will be held in English.


Rebecca Leppard headshot

Rebecca Leppard

Public Speaker, Strategist, and founder of Upgrading Women


Tove Hernlund

Moderator and Events & Community Manager at Alva Labs