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About this course

Join us in a straightforward video series where we dive into how Alva Labs' tests make finding the right people easier and more accurate. Learn about our logical and personality tests, and see how they help identify candidates who are not only a great fit now but will grow with your company. Here's what you'll learn in this course:

- Why assessing logical ability and personality traits helps gain a full view of candidates.

- How Alva's adaptive testing measures abstract reasoning and core personality traits, providing a more engaging candidate experience and meaningful insights into their capabilities.

- The strategic application of matching candidates to roles effectively, balancing assessing for immediate fit and future potential.

Alva Psychometric tests

Lesson 01

Why Psychometrics - Potential and Readiness

About this lesson

This video unpacks how blending assessments of candidates' current capabilities and potential to grow can significantly enhance hiring strategies. Focusing on readiness and potential, Alva’s approach aims to identify talents suited for today's roles and tomorrow’s challenges. Learn about integrating logical and personality tests to get a comprehensive view of candidates, ensuring a match that goes beyond just skills and experience.

Lesson 02

Designing your hiring process with the right assessment methods

About this lesson

This video guides you through selecting the right methods based on what they measure and their overlap, focusing on structured interviews, logical ability tasks, and personality tests to predict job performance accurately. Learn about creating a recruitment process that balances evaluating candidates' readiness and potential, ensuring a holistic approach to finding the best fit for your company. Discover how to structure your process from job descriptions to final interviews for success.

Lesson 03

Quick overview: Alva's tests

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Our logical ability assessment, an adaptive abstract reasoning test, ensures a challenging yet manageable experience for candidates, adjusting in difficulty based on responses. The personality assessment, rooted in the Big Five factor model, adapts to efficiently gauge traits, promising a comprehensive view of candidates' capabilities and potential in just 30 minutes. Both tests conclude with automated, insightful feedback, enhancing the candidate experience and aiding employers in identifying high-potential individuals.

Lesson 04

Logical Ability test

About this lesson

Alva Labs' logical ability test assesses how candidates process complex information, crucial for decision-making in various roles. It's adaptive, offering questions based on performance to ensure engagement and accurate assessment. This test measures abstract reasoning—a stable trait across an individual's lifespan, crucial for learning and adaptation in changing job landscapes. Results range from 1 to 10, providing insights into how candidates fare against a general working population, thus supporting the identification of individuals with high potential for growth and adaptability.

Lesson 05

Personality Test

About this lesson

Alva Labs' Personality Test delves into the natural tendencies of behavior, crucial for role suitability, using the Big Five factor model: conscientiousness, extroversion, emotional stability, openness, and agreeableness. Candidates respond to statements on a scale, reflecting these traits. The test, designed to be insightful yet straightforward, measures fifteen traits across five factors to offer a nuanced understanding of personality in relation to job performance. This approach provides a balanced view, highlighting how different traits influence success in various roles.

Lesson 06

Interpreting the results - Understanding test profiles & reports

About this lesson

Alva Labs introduces a nuanced approach to evaluating candidates through its test profiles, designed to interpret results in a data-driven and automated manner. By focusing on both the potential and readiness of candidates, Alva's test profiles simplify the complex process of assessing suitability for various roles. This method allows for a transparent and efficient evaluation, encouraging early testing in the recruitment funnel to identify high-potential candidates effectively. With ten distinct profiles covering common job families, Alva ensures a tailored assessment, enhancing the match between candidates' traits and job requirements.