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Getting started with Alva’s candidate assessment platform

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About this course

Welcome to our introductory course tailored for Talent Acquisition Professionals and Hiring Managers who are new to Alva. This course provides a step-by-step guide to getting started with candidate assessments, focusing on essential tasks such as setting up job positions and selecting appropriate Test Profiles. We’ll equip you with practical knowledge through real-life examples and use cases within the platform, enabling you to implement what you learn immediately.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Insights into the future of talent acquisition and the crucial role of assessing potential.
  • Step-by-step guidance on creating new job positions within the Alva platform.
  • Detailed instructions on selecting and customising the right Test Profile for your hiring needs.
  • Tips on how to modify Test Profiles for various roles

By the end of this course, you’ll possess the foundational knowledge necessary to navigate the Alva platform confidently. Ready to explore more advanced features? Consider enrolling in our follow-up course, Introduction to Psychometric Assessments with Alva.

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Getting started with Alva's Candidate Assessment Platform

Lesson 01

How to create a new job position

About this lesson

In this lesson, we guide you through creating a job position on Alva's platform. Starting with the main dashboard, she demonstrates how to set up a new job position, including defining the job title and assigning role ownership and collaborators. You'll learn to navigate the interface to find newly created positions and manage them under the 'Assessments' tab. This tutorial is essential for users looking to streamline their recruitment process using Alva's efficient and user-friendly tools.

Lesson 02

How to add and change Test Profile

About this lesson

In this lesson, you will learn to modify the test profile for a specific job position within Alva's platform. We demonstrate how to locate a job position, access its settings, and change its test profile from a list of available options. The lesson covers the process of selecting a new test profile, understanding its components, and confirming the change to ensure candidates are assessed against the new criteria. This lesson is crucial for tailoring the recruitment process to specific job requirements.

Lesson 03

How to invite candidates manually

About this lesson

In this lesson, we demonstrate how to manually invite candidates to complete assessments for a specific job position on Alva's platform. You'll learn how to navigate to the desired position, enter candidate details such as email and name, and choose whether to send an immediate email invitation. The process includes a preview of the email invitation, ensuring candidates receive the correct link to their assessments. Once invited, candidates' names and subsequent scores will be visible within the job position's candidate list.

Lesson 05

How to customise email templates

About this lesson

In this final lesson, we guide you how to customise and manage email templates for inviting candidates to complete assessments in a specific job position using Alva's platform. You will learn to select different templates, create new ones, and adjust email settings, including the language and content of the invitation emails. Additionally, the lesson covers setting up auto-reminder emails, specifying the reminder frequency, and provides guidance on how to access and modify email templates for your organisation, ensuring tailored communication that aligns with your recruitment strategy.