Why the first 20% of your recruitment process provides 80% of the objectivity

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About the webinar

When we think about recruitment, it’s easy to get hung up on interview techniques, the types of questions you should ask your candidates, and otherwise how to avoid biases once you actually meet with candidates.

But what about the advertisements we do? What about the screening process? How big of an impact do these have on our attempts to be objective? A huge amount of impact, as it turns out.

Joining us in this webinar is Sara Dalsfelt, Senior Advisor in Digital Talent Acquisition at Adway, and Sofia Palmelius, Head of Sales and Customer Success at Alva Labs. Sofia and Sara will share their vast insight into why the first 20% of the recruitment process is crucial to achieving actual objectivity in recruitment.

What you will learn:

  • How advertising can make or break your objectivity
  • The importance of a well thought out screening process
  • When we should, and should not, use automation over the human touch


Sofia Palmelius Kolga

Lic. Psychologist and Head of Sales at Alva

Sara Dalsfeldt

Senior Advisor in Digital Talent Acquisition at Adway