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We could tell you why Alva’s Personality Test is the best on the market. That candidates love it for being user-friendly, easy to complete, and accessible anywhere. 

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What makes Alva's Personality Test so smooth for candidates?

  • The test is accessible via mobile, tablet or laptop.
  • Candidates can pause and resume the assessment as needed.
  • Available in 18 major languages to be inclusive of a global talent pool.
  • Requires only 10-15 minutes to complete.

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On everyone's terms

Recruitment is a shared journey with Alva. Candidates enjoy a premium, inclusive experience, organisations can showcase their brand and values, and hiring teams benefit from rich, insightful data. Together, we're elevating the hiring process for all.


Empower candidates

Alva gives candidates command over their data, building trust and enabling you to make informed hiring choices.

By adopting  a forward-thinking approach to assessments, organisations can enhance their overall candidate experience

Hi! Just wanted to say it was an amazing experience taking a test on Alva. By far the best one I’ve taken so far. The UI and minimal design makes it a lovely calm atmosphere! Kudos to you guys!


What you see is what they get

Transparency is important to us. That's why upon completing the assessment, the report is instantly available for candidates.

This is also exactly the same report that recruiters will see. No hidden views or notes.

Love the fact that I can see my test results! Thank you guys for that! :) On the flip side, my partner is now jealous and wants to perform the test too. Keep up the good work!


Inclusive by design

Did you know that women have to submit 30% more applications to get to an interview? And that people of colour have to submit 50% more applications to get through? 

Evaluating candidates based on the CV alone means the risk for bias (because of name, race, gender, or nationality) is big. Companies using Alva can skip CVs altogether, and only evaluate you based on criteria that matter for the specific job.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to retake the test?

Nope! If you have taken the Alva assessment previously for another company, you can share those test results again.

If you'd prefer to retake the tests, you have that option as well.

What if I get interrupted?

Don't worry. We know that life happens. We strongly recommend that you try to sit somewhere quiet where you can focus while taking the assessment. But should you get interrupted, you can pause the assessment and continue later.