Automate your screening process

And make it faster, more inclusive and more accurate. With Alva, you can look beyond the CV and qualify your candidates on data that more accurately predicts job success. The tests are quick to complete for the candidate and built using the Big Five Personality Traits and Modern Test Theory.

Highlighted features

Define job requirements and see how your candidates fit

As a recruiter, you want to spend your time where it matters – in interviews with your candidates. Not spending hour after hour reading CVs. With Alva, you get a comprehensible overview of how well the person matches the role you’re hiring for. So that you can get started assessing your candidates in a fair, simple and more accurate way.


Create the job position

Start by naming the role for your upcoming hire. Select what tests you want to use in the assessment, and add your team members for easy collaboration.

Create the job

Start by naming the role for your upcoming hire. Select what tests you want to use in the assessment, and add your team members for easy collaboration.

Select a test profile

Different roles require different capabilities. The test profile is the lens through which you evaluate your candidates. Choose one of our predefined test profiles, or use our database of job roles to generate a specific profile tailored to the role you’re hiring for.

Love the fact that I can see my test results! Thank you guys for that! :) On the flip side, my partner is now jealous and wants to perform the test too. Keep up the good work!



Invite your candidates

Spend your time where it matters. Automate the rest. With Alva, the assessment process is easy to overview and requires minimal manual work. Work with triggers in your ATS or send out an invite link to candidates automatically. When a candidate has completed the tests, they get their results instantly. No more manual feedback reports needed.

Easy ATS-integration

Alva is integrated with some of the most used ATS solutions on the market, to make automation even easier. If you use a different system, you can still set up a completely automated process using a special link for each job position.

Logic test

General Mental Ability, or Logical Ability, is proven to be one of the best predictors of job success. Built using Modern Test Theory, our adaptive logic test is completed in approximately 15 minutes. Tasks are chosen to be challenging – but not impossible – for each individual taking the test.

Personality test

The Big Five personality model is considered the gold standard for measuring personality. With a unique combination of well-established theory and machine learning capabilities, our adaptive personality test improves the accuracy of results, while keeping the number of questions to a minimum. The test usually takes 12-15 minutes to complete.


Compare your candidates

As soon as results start coming in, you will learn more about your candidates and can compare them to each other and your team. The reports are designed to be easy to understand for everyone – no certification or previous experience with psychometric tests is needed.

Unique candidate overview

Based on the test profile you have selected, you can now see how all your candidates match your requirements. You can sort the list based on each person’s role fit, and get a comprehensible overview of all your candidates.

Get to know each candidate

Easily access the individual reports to learn more about your candidate. With deeper insight into the results from the personality test and logic test, you will find out details to help you understand their abilities even closer. The report you see is the same as the candidate does.

Shortlist candidates

Once you start figuring out what candidates you would like to move forward with, you can add them to your shortlist. After shortlisting, you can compare candidates to see where they are similar, and in what areas they differ from each other.

Seamless integration with your existing workflows

Alva is integrated with some of the most common recruitment solutions on the market, making it a great addition to your current tools. Automate your candidate invitations and see the match score directly in your ATS account. Easy set-up and automated processes to reduce administrative tasks in the hiring process.

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Automate your screening process

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