Hire the best developers with real-world coding tests

A coding test tool for talent acquisition managers to quickly qualify, shortlist, and interview the best candidates. 

  • Assess developers with problems they face in real life

  • Keep track of candidates' coding abilities with detailed code review scorecards 

  • Out-of-box support for most modern programming languages and tech stacks

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What they're saying

The coding tests enabled us to automate our interview process and scale it from 10s of candidates to 100s of candidates, while still keeping it grounded in solving real-world, practical problems.

Oscar Söderlund Chief Software Architect, Einride

I like how the coding tests make the hiring process for engineers more like the actual day-to-day life, rather than some kind of theoretical review. The cases are well thought-through and map right to what our engineers do in their job.

Jacob Klapwijk Senior Frontend Engineer & Line Manager, Mentimeter

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