Assess developer's skills before hiring them


How to assess developers skills before hiring them

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About the webinar

Developers do more than code. They communicate, collaborate, solve problems, fix bugs, document, and work closely with product and customer requirements. Developers also learn new languages and frameworks.

How can hiring teams spot these difference-makers and ensure they’re hiring only the most skilled tech talent?

It starts with having a meticulous evaluation process in place. One that enables hiring teams to assess a candidate’s full range of technical competencies—without putting applicants off.

Joining this webinar is Signicat’s Chief Technology Officer, Mite Mitreski, and Alva’s Head of Coding Tests, Anton Fenske.

Together, Mite and Anton have accumulated vast experience in assessing and hiring engineering talent. They know what good likes and will share their knowledge on evaluating tech talent. 

In this webinar, learn about:
  • Different ways to assess developers and how to choose the approach that works for you
  • Tips on streamlining your interview process
  • How to run a developer hiring process that doesn’t scare away candidates
  • Tips on getting TA managers and hiring managers to work together in the hiring process.

 🇬🇧 This webinar will be held in English.


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Mite Mitreski

CTO at Signicat


Anton Fenske

Head of Coding Tests at Alva Labs


Linnea Bywall

Head of People, Alva Labs