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How to use the Big Five Personality Test to predict job success

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About the webinar

Would you hire all your classmates because they graduated with you? Probably not. Not all of them work well under pressure or in a team. Some are bad at collaborating. Others communicate poorly or are stuck in their ways and can’t handle change. 

There’s so much more to people than their piece-of-paper credentials. So why do we still confine the talent concept to a small box? And how does the Big Five Personality Test broaden the concept of talent and help you predict things you may not yet know the candidate can do?

In this webinar, we will dive deep into the world of the Big Five Personality Test, and explain why this personality test is key for predicting job success, as well as how to apply this to your hiring process effectively.

Learn about:
✅ What the Five-Factor Personality Model is
✅ What the best predictor of job performance is
✅ Why it's crucial to go with scientifically validated Big Five tests 
✅ How to apply the Big Five Personality to your existing workflow

*This webinar will be held in English🇬🇧


Petri Kajonius (1)

Petri Kajonius

Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor in Personality Psychology and Assessment, Researcher in Psychological Assessment, Lund University
Petri Kajonius is a Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor in Personality Psychology and Assessment, as well as a Researcher in Psychological Assessment at Lund University. He has written extensively on the Big Five Personality Model and personality.

Linnea Bywall-2

Linnea Bywall

Head of People, Alva Labs
As the Head of People at Alva Labs, Linnea spends most of her time attracting, hiring, onboarding, and growing Alva’s workforce. Linnea is also the host of the How We Hire podcast and newsletter and regularly speaks at public speaking events, HR podcasts, and webinars about how to build a fair, objective hiring process and hire great people.