Keep recruiting digitally - here's why

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About the webinar

This year has given way for a lot of innovative solutions in recruitment. But has it just been a year of temporary change, or should some parts of recruitment stay digital once we are no longer in a remote first setting?

A lot of research has been done by various institutions, and there are some areas where it seems highly beneficial for both recruiters and candidates to maintain a digital approach - and some where we might be better off going back to our usual ways. But which are which? 

Hira Wasif, Organizational Psychologist and CSM at Alva, joins us to share what the latest research says on the topic, as well as what learnings and trends she has observed from the Alva customer base over the past year. 

We will discuss:

  • Research on how the recruitment landscape has changed over the past year
  • The positives of continuing with a digital approach
  • Do’s, don’ts, and trends to keep in mind as we continue with digital recruitment

🇬🇧 This webinar will be held in English.



Tove Hernlund


Hira Wasif

Org. Psychologist and CSM at Alva