Create a high-quality interview process

An interview is one of the most predictive methods of assessing candidates. But how good is your company’s interview process? Alva's Interview Templates give hiring teams the tools to consistently structure, guide, run, and score high quality interviews.

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Create the perfect interview for your needs

Effective interviews start with a robust yet easy-to-use framework. Build your own reusable template – using Alva’s research-backed interview criteria


The most fair and unbiased way to interview

Evaluate candidates on what actually matters for their performance, rather than arbitrary factors. Alva helps you reduce bias through competency-based questions, structured interview guides, and transparent scoring.

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Easy to use for everyone in your organisation

With Alva, you don’t need to be a recruiter to run an effective interview. It’s simple for anyone in your company to conduct a structured interview by following a science-backed question flow, ensuring an aligned process throughout your organisation.

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