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How to recruit superstars: Your 101 workshop on evidence-based recruitment

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  • Duration: 45mins
  • Location: Zoom
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About this workshop

You can spend all the time in the world on strategy sessions, planning, innovation, and product development, but your business flops if you don’t have the right talent at the helm.

How can you ensure your next hire is successful?

In this online session, Alva’s Head of People and Licensed Psychologist, Linnea Bywall, will share her winning formula for building an evidence-based recruitment process.

If you want to reduce the time and cost of hiring candidates, enhance diversity, and grow at scale with the right people in your organisation, then this free, interactive session is for you! 

Learn about:

✅ Major mistakes managers make in the hiring process and how to avoid them

✅ What recruitment methods best predict job success

✅ How to reduce bias in the hiring process

✅ Practical tips for getting your new hires off to a great start

This webinar will be held in English.


About Linnea Bywall

Linnea is a Lic. Psychologist, Head of People at Alva Labs, and public speaker.

Linnea has spent the last ten years working with organisational psychology and research-based techniques to recruit the best people.

When Linnea is not leading Alva's people, you can find her on stage or in front of the mic for the How We Hire podcast, sharing her wisdom and learnings on everything to do with talent acquisition, modern hiring practices, and the candidate experience.

Linnea Bywall

Head of People