Hire the people who will make an impact

In a fast-paced world where years of experience and university degrees are becoming increasingly irrelevant, CVs are no longer a practical way to select the best candidates and scale your business.

Alva's candidate assessment software helps recruiters confidently spot the applicants most likely to have an impact. Move your candidates faster to the interview stage, keep your top talent engaged from the get-go, and start building a team of difference makers.

  • Provide a superior candidate experience
    Reduce candidate drop-offs with our quick and efficient assessments. Applicants get instant access to their results and have full ownership over their data.

  • Reduce unconscious bias
    Alva's Big Five personality & logic reasoning assessments lessen unconscious bias in your hiring and spot the true impact makers in your talent pool. 

  • Spend your time where it matters most
    Streamline your hiring with a fully automated platform. Automate candidate invitations and screenings, view candidate scores directly in your ATS, and streamline your hiring.

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Be more confident in your candidate assessments

Decades of science and research have shown that education and years of experience are poor predictors of a candidate's success on the job. With Alva, assess your candidates based on what is scientifically known to have the strongest correlation with job success: logical ability and personality (using the Five-Factor Model).

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"Even if we all enter with good intentions, it is easy for us to unconsciously look for people like ourselves or the predecessor in the same position. Alva helps us have a more objective and evidence-based selection process."

- Talent Acquisition Manager at Spendrups

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What effective candidate assessment looks like – and how to succeed

How Alva can help you reduce bias, increase diversity and create a stellar candidate experience

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How Alva helped SEB change their recruitment process

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