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🇸🇪 Networking Lunch

How to optimise for better alignment and efficiency with hiring managers

  • Tuesday, September 10, 2024 11:30 AM (CEST)
  • Duration: 90 Minutes
  • Location: Alva Labs HQ, Luntmakargatan 66, 113 51 Stockholm
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Networking lunch

The concept is simple - we bring HR/TA professionals together over a delicious lunch (on us!) and you bring your expertise and questions to spark discussion in small groups. Join us with new and old friends in the industry.

Topic of the day: Organisations often get lured in by shiny objects that promise to make hiring better, but the secret to hiring success doesn't lie in tools alone but rather how you use the tools and most of all - your planning. And that means involving your hiring manager early in the recruitment process.

If you are looking to swap ideas and strategies, as well as take valuable insights from the session and apply them to your own hiring practices then this session is for you.

Participate in discussions on the following topics:
🔹How to manage expectations realistically and catch potential bottlenecks early in the job process.
🔹Strategies for nailing the kick-off meeting with the hiring manager.
🔹How to map the role requirements and balance it with business objectives.
🔹Tips and tricks on creating a tight feedback loop.

Important note: Alva's networking sessions typically get booked out. Seating is limited. Book your seat now to secure your spot.

On stage

Philip Ström

Philip Ström

Lic. Psychologist & Customer Success Manager, Alva Labs

Sofia Palmelius Kolga

Sofia Palmelius Kolga

Lic. Psychologist & Chief Revenue Officer, Alva Labs