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Talentech: HR ecosystem experts

We are proud to announce our latest partnership: Alva Labs and Talentech.

Meet Talentech

Talentech provides HR and TA teams with every tool they need to create a fully reactive ecosystem, using the best and most dynamic tools on the market. Home to Reachmee, Talent Recruiter, Webcruiter, Talmundo, irecommend and Weekli, Talentech is one of the Nordic’s strongest providers in evolving-edge HR tech solutions.

Working across sectors with multinationals including JM, Försvarsmakten, and Verisure, Talentech have the insights to understand what success looks like, whatever the bottom line.

Candidate experience: attract the best by sharing insights

We are all working in a candidate driven market; the rapid pace of change towards hybrid systems and the new skills needed will continue to evolve as we look at an emerging and unpredictable future. New jobs, such as ‘Hybrid Work Flow Manager’ are appearing, and it’s likely that the best talent will be trying to understand how their skills and strengths can add value to our new workplaces, and make the most of exciting new horizons and challenges.

Working with Talentech enables Alva to drill into the candidate experience by simplifying for more companies to add objective tools in early selection for a fair and transparent assessment, where all applying candidates get the same chance. And at the same time help recruiters save time through a more automated recruited process.

Data driven insights drive retention

Talentech’s insights across recruitment, talent management and retention make it an ideal partner for Alva; by recruiting candidates based on skills, recruiters can find a great match and understand the drivers and strengths of each employee.

Alva’s psychometric tests work from a basis of a deeply researched understanding of a candidate’s personality and their general ability; this helps both candidate and recruiter to understand both who would be good in the job, and why. By comparing personality traits and job descriptions that are based on personality type, we are able to help both sides understand: is this the right fit?

Our engineers and product teams work dynamically, constantly taking on feedback from candidates and recruiters to update and nurture the design, to ensure that our Machine Learning has daily human management and care.

Talentech’s onboarding, development and engagement packages can be efficiently tailored through AI, saving HR teams effort and time.

Giving candidates more, without spending more time.

Whatever their age or background, candidates expect to receive more than a “Due to the high volume of applications” auto-email in exchange for the hours they spend crafting their application; lazy communications can spark unhappy social media posts, alerting other potential candidates to gaps and blindspots in how candidates are treated.

Talentech and Alva can provide recruiters with simple, easy to implement tools to provide candidates with timely updates that keep the talent pool warm. After working through the efficient and smooth application process, candidates can receive Alva’s insight reports into their strengths and challenges even at the first stage of applications. This in turn helps them to find the right job and lets them know that the recruiters are interested in each and every candidate, beyond the shortlist.

Helping candidates means helping recruiters

Recruiters likewise receive targeted, customised reports that drill down to the essence of the question: which people are most likely to be great at this job? Concentrating on learning about the personality types and soft skills needed to drive success, Talentech and Alva collaborate to help recruiters create job roles and metrics appropriate for creative and admin jobs, SMEs and multinationals. By using the power of data and science, the platform provides an end product that is simple to understand, quick to use and cost-effective.

Alva also works with our customers to learn more about structuring the interview process, adding in rubrics and data checks to reduce systemic bias and create more diverse and resilient teams.

Partnership manager Erica Olofsson says, “Alva offers TA teams to work with evidence-based tests of personality and logical ability, as well as scorecards for structured interviews. By adding objective methods early in your hiring funnel you get rid of time-consuming manual work and feel more certain about who to interview than only reading a CV. We are so happy to have Talentech with us on this journey to create a world-class candidate experience. Together we can make our data-driven and candidate-centred hiring methods available to more recruiters.”


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