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Product launch: Transform your hiring process with Alva's new interview templates


Unstructured interviews…

  • Leave too much room for subjectivity, favorability cues, and adverse impact
  • Put you at risk of overlooking critical skills and experiences relevant to job performance
  • Can inadvertently introduce biases and disparities in the hiring process
  • And most critically….limit your ability to accurately predict a candidate's job performance

According to leading research (McCarthy et al, 2017; Salgado & Moscoso, 2011), the job interview is the most widely accepted and utilised selection method by recruiters and candidates alike, and plays a central role in making hiring decisions. 

However, its predictive power depends on doing it right, which involves structuring the process to overcome the limitations of unstructured interviews.

Here at Alva, we’ve launched a new way to support Talent Acquisition Managers and their hiring teams to take a more effective and efficient approach to candidate assessment. Introducing Interview Templates, a powerful feature that allows organisations of all sizes and maturity levels to build better processes and ways-of-working with structured interviews.

How Alva’s Interview Templates help you build a high-quality, scalable interview process

🌟 Customise your perfect interview
Choose from our library of competencies and research-backed templates or create your own custom interview based on your company's unique requirements. Our easy-to-use framework ensures that every interview you conduct is aligned with your organization's needs and values.

👩‍💼 Fair and unbiased interviews for everyone
Structured interviews not only outperform traditional interviews but also help you reduce bias. This ensures that you assess candidates fairly and make better hiring decisions.

🎯 Save time and effort with reusable templates
Say goodbye to creating interviews from scratch for every position. With this update, you can save and reuse templates for any role.

Interview Templates are now available to all Alva customers on the platform. Ready to see how Interview Templates can streamline your hiring process and help you find the best talent faster?

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How structured is your company’s interview process?