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Product updates in Alva: Data retention and improved user experience

Improvements in general user experience

  • Improved ATS functionality for Interview templates
    We've simplified the process of starting interviews from Teamtailor and the Alva app. Now, it takes fewer steps to get an interview up and running. For those using Alva to select from multiple interviews, the process is more intuitive now with a new "Start Interview" button.

  • Easy text formatting in interview notes 
    With our latest update, you can format your interview notes, helping you to highlight and structure your feedback more effectively and keep your notes clear and organised. 

  • Download PDF reports
    Saving reports is now easier. Instead of using the browser’s print dialogue to save a report as a PDF, you can now automatically generate and download the PDF directly in the app. 

Improvements in Data Retention Capabilities

In a digitalised world, it’s more important than ever for our users to remain independent, secure, and compliant with their data handling processes.

That’s why our data retention policies are now fully customisable, ensuring your organisation stays compliant regardless of location, and that candidate data is managed responsibly.  

  • Tailor your data strategies to individual markets
    You can now adjust data retention policies to align with the specific legal requirements of each market you operate in. 
  • Simplified Global Management
    Easily manage data retention for multiple markets from a single Alva account, streamlining your operations across borders.
  • Autonomous control
    Your team can now adjust these settings autonomously, providing flexibility and control over how you manage candidate data
  • Enhanced candidate privacy with Alva
    We've improved how we protect candidate information by making certain data anonymous. Our goal is to foster trust and transparency, while protecting candidate privacy over time.
  • Data retention policies enable you to anonymise personally identifiable candidate data on our platform after a specified time period.
  • How to enable data retention in the Alva app
    Navigate to your Alva control panel and under 'Data & Privacy' to personalise your data retention rules. Click on 'Data Retention' to tailor the settings to your company's specific needs.
    • Custom settings no matter the market:
    • 👍 Here you can define your per-country data retention rules. 
    • 👍 Users now have complete freedom to define their settings
    • 👍Alva’s data logic then applies those settings to future jobs, based on the user who created it
    • Seamless ATS integration:
    • For those using major ATS systems, location data syncs automatically, applying the correct retention rules for your company.
    • Automatically tag job location:
    • ✅ If your ATS isn’t integrated with Alva, you can still manage jobs by location, based on where the recruiter who posted the job is located. 
    • ✅ Simply navigate to ‘Members’ section in the Alva control panel, select ‘Employees’ and assign a location to each user

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We’ve recently made some important updates to our app that are designed to improve your experience and make the app more user-friendly.  With core updates like improved candidate privacy features and customisable data retention policies, you can stay secure and compliant with your data handling processes.