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What's new in Alva – automate admin tasks

If this stresses you out, the update is going to put you at ease.

Teamtailor–Alva Labs integration

We've enhanced the Alva–Teamtailor integration:

  1. To sync hiring teams from Alva to Teamtailor.
  2. To sync candidate status from Alva to Teamtailor.
  3. To integrate with Custom URL

Here's what it means for you:

You can update the hiring team and candidate status on Teamtailor and it will automatically be updated on Alva. No extra tabs!

Now you can also integrate Teamtailor and Alva Labs with a Custom URL for those of you on the plan. You can see how to enable this in the image below.Screen candidates

Screen candidates based on their background

Let's say you're hiring a Product Designer for your team that communicates in English. To build a thriving company culture, you want someone who can come to the office every now and then. Your company is at a stage where you want someone who's had a minimum of three years of experience as a Product Designer so you don't have to spend too much time on training.

And, you receive 100 applications.

Great! Right? But now you've got to qualify those who meet the basic requirements without missing out on potential talent.

Recruiters' best hours should be spent with relevant candidates. And this update will tell you who is relevant.

We're launching background assessments which captures general information like a candidate’s preferred language, geographical location, and years of experience. You can focus your time and effort on candidates who meet the basic requirements for the role. 

Here's how you can set this up in your Alva account. Get in touch with us if you need any help with the setup!

Hope these updates have made some room for intentional work, or even better, a walk round the block. Stay tuned for our next batch of updates while!

How many tabs do you have open now? I'll go first, I’ve got 23 tabs open as I type this 😶