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11 Action points to help you to start a candidate-centred recruitment process

How are you communicating with your ideal candidates?

Remember, you’re needing to sell ethos and culture to attract those candidates, so really think about what they need to hear.


  • Ask a friend to read your Careers page.
  • How easy is your Careers page to find on your site?
  • Does the language reflect your organisation?
  • What quick changes can you make tomorrow?

What does your recruitment process look like?

When was the last time you checked in on your recruitment process?! We set things up, we get busy and we forget that time and trends have moved on! Today’s candidates expect status updates and insights that they can action to better themselves.


Before starting your next hiring process, make sure you have a template for the following emails:

  • Thanks for applying
  • Invitation for next step
  • Rejection 
  • Just-checking-in-and-giving-you-a-status-report

Keep your talent pool warm and ready to activate

Don’t wait until there’s a vacancy to fill - even with a three-month notice period you’ll still be playing catch-up.

Building a talent pipeline is a horrible phrase but a sensible strategy!


  • Make a list of the different clusters of roles you hire for. Note down where your best talent in each cluster came from.
    • interests
    • drivers
    • characteristics

Don't limit yourself to education and experience, rather focus on so-called 'soft skills':

Make sure your attraction efforts target that talent pool.

And ask yourself: how can you actively increase your pool without spending huge amounts on agencies and recruiters?

Recruiters who work with Alva know that we partner with them to create a seamless experience; candidates receive feedback from the moment they submit their tests, and can use those insights to help them on their job search. 

The result?

Candidates say that they LOVE our tests, and that reflects well on the recruiting organization!

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81% of candidates say that the one main thing that would greatly improve their overall application experience is employers continuously communicating status updates.

In today's candidate-driven market, if you want to attract the best talent, you need to centre candidates needs and wants. Basically, you need to treat your potential candidates in the same way you treat your potential customers: you need to make sure that they convert.

Building a candidate-centred recruitment process is essential to attract today’s top talent - you need to think of your candidates as customers who are shopping around and looking for just the right car, kitchen or (one day) dream holiday: they are looking for a job that can take them further than just from A to B.