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What's new in Alva: Flex pricing

Alva's new "Flex" pricing plan
Is Flex for me?

You don't yet know your hiring volume for the year ahead? Do you hire only as and when needs arise?

No problem! We got you covered.

Don't pay for what you're not sure about. This plan gives you the flexibility to pay monthly and use it only during the months you hire. And you only pay for the number of candidates you test.

Flex is ideal for small teams and early stage startups that hire only during certain periods of the year

You have my interest, tell me how the pricing works!

In contrast to the other pricing tiers, Flex is billed monthly. Your billing is based on two components – you pay a base price for the software per month, and on top of that you pay only for the candidates you test.

Base price – 1000 SEK per month

Flexible price – 300 SEK per candidate that completes the test

Ex. If you tested one candidate this month

Your cost is 1000 SEK + 300 SEK = 1300 SEK for that month

If you tested three candidates this month

You pay 1000 SEK + (300*3) SEK = 1900 SEK for that month

You get the idea! And what's more, you can see for yourself if Alva is a fit for your hiring process by testing it for free with the 14-day trial period.

Want to unblock your talent problem - and hire someone who has potential?  Free trial

From a hybrid workforce to volatility in hiring forecasts, the global pandemic has revolutionized hiring in many ways over the past two years. Many leaders in recruitment identified difficulties in forecasting future talent acquisition needs.

We heard you and now we're here to delight you. With our new pricing tier, "Flex" we want to enable companies of all scales to identify the best talent for their organisation while providing a hiring experience that a candidate can't turn down.