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Transforming Talent Acquisition: Happy Socks' Journey with Alva Labs

Transforming talent acquisition: Happy Socks' Journey with Alva Labs

As Happy Socks was growing, they needed more than just new hires. They needed the “right hires” - people who could help the company grow and still stay true to their mission: “bringing happiness to every corner of the world.”

This is a story of how Alva Labs delivered unparalleled value to Happy Socks, by empowering them with innovative recruitment tools

The colourful journey: establishing a unique brand and culture

Founded in 2008, Happy Socks rose to prominence thanks to its success re-imagining the essential fabric between our feet and shoes. By continuing to evolve its designs, Happy Socks' signature product has become a must-have accessory for those looking to show off their style through their socks. 

Powering the playful quirkiness synonymous with the Happy Socks brand is a hiring process that puts the utmost amount of care in making sure that new hires align with its personality and culture. 

  "We're a very culture-oriented company," says Chief People Officer Erika Harrysson. "We talk about ourselves as the playful pioneers. We're both colourful and playful, but also super ambitious at the same time. So if the recruitment process doesn't breathe that, we have a problem."

Solving the recruitment puzzle: a partnership for agility and efficiency

Happy Socks felt traditional recruitment processes were "too slow and cumbersome" so they experimented with candidate assessments, mostly as a reference check at the end of the process.

But it was together with Alva that Happy Socks realised it could increase its speed, efficiency, and land high-quality hires. Erika had taken an Alva assessment during a recruitment process herself, and was impressed with its modern interface and instantaneous feedback. 

The power of Alva's research-backed insights and automations were soon apparent. They not only allowed the Happy Socks Talent Acquisition team to save administrative time, but also facilitated more effective collaboration with hiring managers due to transparent results. Furthermore, testing earlier in the process allowed Happy Socks to widen its talent pool and put a spotlight on more candidates, ultimately leading to more diverse teams. 

  "We wanted to find a system that was fair and less biased," Erika says. "Alva's scientific approach to assessments allowed us to really look at the candidate's potential, which helps us build stronger teams."

Candidate experience was equally important. Even with a strong inflow of candidates, Happy Socks wants each one to have positive interactions throughout the hiring process. Not all candidates will end up with an offer, but they'll spread the word about the experience in their networks, becoming brand ambassadors – and potential customers. 

That's why it was so crucial for Happy Socks to partner with a candidate assessment provider that mirrored its own forward-leaning brand ethos. They needed a modern, efficient, and user-friendly platform that would enhance, not hinder, their vibrant and innovative employer brand.

"(The recruitment process) is the only time we can show off the outside world in terms of recruitment," Erika says. "So it's super important that the process feels professional and unique and that it showcases the Happy Socks vibe. Alva Labs is an important part of that." 

More than a collaboration: a testament to the power of alignment

Another key aspect of candidate experience are the feedback loops with each applicant. Erika wanted to avoid a scenario where candidates took their time to complete an assessment, and then were left in the dark as to the results. She also praised the close collaboration with Alva CSM Hira Wasif

As part of this partnership, Hira worked with Erika's team to understand where to incorporate Alva's assessments in their hiring process, guiding them on how to make more informed hiring decisions.

This guidance was only a part of Hira’s commitment; from producing email templates and onboarding videos for hiring managers to leading company lunch-and-learns to providing workshops on group development and psychological safety, Erika appreciated the level of care and personalisation she's received from the Alva Customer Success team. 

"That's really an added value that I never would have expected," Erika says. 

Happy Socks also uses psychometric assessments as a basis for leadership development. They find it empowers managers to better understand themselves, both their strengths and developmental areas, as well as showcasing how the assessments can serve as a valuable tool in the recruitment process. 

Blending creativity and efficiency for sustainable success

The collaboration between Happy Socks and Alva Labs showcases a perfect blend of creativity and efficiency, setting a benchmark for companies with strong brands navigating the complexities of growth and recruitment. It also details how the thoughtful integration of candidate assessments can add speed and efficiency, without any compromise on the quality of hires.

"Alva has helped us to focus more on the person and their abilities... We now have a better process for ensuring we are identifying the best candidates and it's easier to make objective decisions with Alva's assessments."

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Creativity reigns supreme at Happy Socks. From their eye-catching designs to the atmosphere at their colourful office in central Stockholm, the company has a deserved reputation for its uniqueness and creative attention to detail. But as the brand began taking off across the globe, the Talent Acquisition team was faced with a new challenge.